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MangaNEXT Report.

By request, a MangaNEXT report! This'll be a tad shorter than my usual ones since much less happened.

Steph and I arrived and met up with Bea in Jersey 10AM-ish. After a breakfast of waffles we packed up the car and headed over to the hotel the convention was being held at.

I checked in to the Artist Alley and was met with one of the rudest heads of staff I had ever dealt with. I later conversed with table neighbors and found out she was equally nasty to many others. But was extremely accommodating and friendly to all of the invited guest artists. So you can see where her priorities lay. With sucking up.

So we set up our table and spent most of the day sitting around bored until an occasional sale actually gave us something to do. Friday was incredibly slow.

It gave us time to talk to the people around us though. Normally cons are so busy that we only have limited opportunities to do that.

It also gave more time to leave the table without much of a problem, so I got to hang out at the MugenToys booth. Which was just as slow in terms of sales.

Later that night we all went out as a big group to dinner and played Exquisite Corpse while we ate.

The day began with yet more waffles then yet more driving back to the convention center. Staying at Bea's house was convenient and really beats paying for a hotel. And mom waffles, have I mentioned those yet?

Saturday was definitely busier. Sales actually happened. Not a major amount, but we were busier. Dory brought us Taco Bell for lunch so we devoured them like ravenous gerbils. Eating a full lunch is kind of a luxury for us on a Saturday since we tend not to do food runs every day.

I bought stuff. Stuff that will be photographed eventually. It's neat stuff though, so use your imaginations to fill in the lack of pictures and descriptions.

I got flipper-slapped by a girl we know while she was wearing a penguin costume. That was odd.

Dinner that night was at Brick. It was a brotally brotastic man-cave restaurant. It was like Hooters, but less sucky.

Then some Season three of Venture Brothers before bed.

Waffles! Then convention. Sales were pretty good, considering. There was a bit of a last day rush. And afterwards I did some trades with other artists and made new friends.

We packed up, said goodbye to friends then went to Panera to eat whilst figuring out what to do with the rest of Halloween before heading home. So we ended up driving around Princeton with Eric and ate at a nice little coffee shop. I had Mexican Hot Chocolate! It was spicy.

Then we went home and I wrote this two weeks later because I'm SUPER.

And that's all there was!


La Llorona pages 11-12+BONUS!

More adventures with the Frightened Woman and the poncho siblings.
Right here.Collapse )
Last weekend I attended the New York Comic Con (NYCC) and New York Anime Fest (NYAF). This year the two conventions were merged into one. Normally I skip NYAF as NYC anime cons tend to be overpriced and ho-hum. I don't really have too much to say about NYAF though, I spent most of my time doing things on the NYCC side of the convention center.

This is the first time in years that I've been actually employed during this convention. So I took advantage of that and spent far too much money over the three convention days. But it was all worth it, I really love seeing what the indie comics community has to offer. There are so many gems out there that I would only be introduced to by being introduced to them at a comics convention. And there are mainstream comics too, of course. And talented people in that field too that attend these kinds of events to meet their public.

So let's break this thing down to three days of con-venture:Collapse )

Update on stuff!

Lessee, I'm going to be receiving a final revision test for that comic project soon, hopefully that'll go over well.

I FINALLY have three La Llorona pages penciled so I'll be able to start updating that again soon.

I'm going to have a bunch of days off of work in September due to Jewish holidays. So that should help with productivity.

Otakon was good and I still need to post up the pictures I took.

My old XBOX finally died. Turned out that the problem went beyond a slipped heatsink. The thermal regulator doohickey was shot, so my XBOX always thought that it was overheating, even after only being on for a few minutes. According to XBOX self-repair fanboys it's an uncommon problem, and beyond fixing yourself, it's pretty much useless at that point. So I bought a Slim 360 a few weeks ago. And a router, so I can access LIVE again soon.

I slightly regretted buying a replacement XBOX so soon (money!) since I didn't use it very much for nearly two weeks. But picking up Mass Effect changed my feelings really quickly. It really is good. Very good. I now see why shiru04 is such a huge fan of the series.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was stonking great.

It's my birthday next Sunday so buy me stuff and send me love. Not necessarily in that order.

That's it for now, my babies.


Otakon time is now.

Leaving for Baltimore in a few hours for sales times. So I'll see you Jimmy's and Betties in a few days, get me?
We last left our heroes staring down a frightful creature.
Will they be alright?!Collapse )

Status Update.

Work is going well. Boring and mundane, just the way I like it. The most exciting thing that happened was I got to punch a silverfish to death a few weeks ago. I've been saving money by making lunch at home. So I've pretty much paid for a figure pre-order by doing so! Huzzah! And I have a bunch pre-ordered for late summer/early winter. Although I have to figure out more ways to increase my income, or at least keep it even while buying junk. I do have future plans after all. *tents fingers*

I have no tv! My long-time mind numbing and gaming companion blew a fuse last Sunday morning, so I've been without television and video games since then. It's MADDENING. I want to play Monster Hunter TRI so BAAAD. I'm going tv shopping at Best Buy on Saturday. I'm going to have to ask my folks to foot the bill for the new tube for now and pay them back later. Since I'd really like to keep from adding to my credit card bill until I've worked at my day job long enough to have a comfortable level of funds. Having only the internet for entertainment just isn't enough...

No art to post today, but I'll eventually compile a dump of all the bajillion sketches I've amassed but never get around to scanning. And there'll be new La Llorona pages up this weekend. I also gotta get my ass in gear since Otakon is coming up at the end of July, nyargh.

Also! I have joined shiru04's pirate crew of anime figure reviewers at EmencyBlazer Works. Go and partake of the critically analytical goodness and photo content.


La Llorona pages 4-6.

After a month of work related delays, it continues!

No such thing as monsters.Collapse )


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